CK Martial Hearts, a division of Cultural Keys Ltd., is dedicated to helping people realise their dream of experiencing life, training kung fu and understanding culture at one of most iconic locations in all of China – the Shaolin Temple.

After finding out first hand how many schools claimed to be the real Shaolin Temple, and claiming to be the only ones offering real kung fu, we decided to make sure that other people, no matter their reason for interest or level of Chinese, would have the opportunity to not just see, but to actually Experience the temple – free from con artists or scams, language or cultural barriers.

We’ve put together these exclusive programs in association with Shaolin Temple International Liaisons Office, and believe they are the perfect programs to enable you to get a taste of Chinese traditional life and traditional kung fu.

Our core philosophy is that travel shouldn’t be simply about seeing more, but about experiencing more. And that idea is central to what CK Martial Hearts wants to achieve with our Shaolin Temple Experiences.

We know we can’t forge masters overnight, or indeed experience everything that’s on offer. But if we can contribute in some small way to people’s enjoyment, understanding or experience of Chinese culture and kung fu, then we will have achieved something important.

And for us, that’s a good place to start!





AJ has been in China over 10 years, and during that time has studied and taught martial taichi, and studied traditional Chinese medicine. He is a co-founder of Cultural Keys and currently acts as one of the trainers and translators for our Shaolin Study Program.




Nic has traveled extensively across China, supplying photos to various international publications as well as all of Cultural Key’s photos. She runs Lotus Photography and as well as being a co-founder, handles product planning and implementation at CK Martial Hearts.





Cultural Keys Ltd., a London, Beijing and Hong Kong registered company, provides products and services to help people better understand and appreciate the value of China and Chinese culture. Since August 8th 2013, Cultural Keys has provided both professional corporate and tourism services both for short-term visitors and long-term residents of China, helping clients access life and culture here through business, travel and educational experiences.



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