Cultural Keys is hiring a passionate and dedicated team member!

As part of our ongoing expansion, Cultural Keys is hiring a part-time, Beijing based Chinese-native with experience in sales and marketing, to help us with operations. Work will include product research, negotiating terms with suppliers, finding partners to work with us, and generally helping out with any aspects of the work we will be doing in Chinese.

You don’t need to be extensively experienced for this job. But you do need to be upbeat, self-sufficient, motivated and have an eye for cultural education and tourism. This is not a job you just take ‘for the salary’, but for the opportunity it offers.

Applicants are required to be:

– A native Chinese speaker
– Able to understand and communicate in English at a high level
– Experienced working with foreigners
– Able to work independently and creatively solve problems
– Not looking for a job just for money, but understands the opportunity for growth and learning that the job presents
– Currently living in Beijing
– Flexible with time
– Not currently employed in a full-time job/looking for a full-time job

Applicants not meeting these requirements will not be considered for interviews.

The ideal candidate:

– Is enthusiastic about travel and adventure
– Is extremely flexible
– Is familiar with Chinese and English-language internet and social media and has access to Western social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube
– Is self-motivating and energetic
– Has a fast internet connection at home and a mobile device with an internet connection which they can check often throughout the day

Job description:

– You will work an average 5 hour week
– You will work from home the majority of the time, but will also be required to attend meetings, both with us, and potential partners, around Beijing a couple of times a month.
– You will assist us with various administrative tasks such as doing research both online and in person in Beijing, and be expected to make your own contributions to our products and plans

Cultural Keys has ambitious expansion plans and the right person has the potential to rise to a senior position within our growing staff.

To apply:

– Attach your CV in English with photo.
– In your email, state why you are right for this position and any other current commitments you have not already mentioned on your CV.

Applicants not meeting these requirements will not be considered for interviews.

Please send your CV and brief introduction to [email protected].

We look forward to receiving your application. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We always love hearing from you!

Yours in Martial Spirit,


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