While it’s possible to learn Chinese martial arts wherever you are, at CK Martial Hearts we work hard to ensure that not only do you get the opportunity to learn the best, most authentic martial arts possible, but you can do so at some of the most iconic locations in China!

So where exactly can you learn martial in China with CK Martial Hearts? Read on to learn about some of the places we currently offer kung fu training programs in China.


Our kung fu bootcamps at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China are our best-known programs. For the past 3 years, we have taken students from all over the world to train at one of the world’s most iconic martial arts locations. Considered by many to be an integral part of martial arts history and development, there are very few places that can compare, either in terms of beauty or what can be learned, to the Shaolin Temple!

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While the capital of China doesn’t have its own indigenous martial art style, as the cultural centre of China, and the home of CK Martial Hearts, it still offers plenty of beautiful locations for martial arts training. With training locations including beautiful parks and famous historic sites, learning taichi in Beijing with CK Martial Hearts offers not just the chance to learn martial arts, but to experience the life and culture of this fascinating city!

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Starting in 2020, CK Martial Hearts will offer kung fu training programs at our latest location: the stunning Foshan. A city in in China’s southern Guangdong province, Foshan is perhaps best-known as one of the places where Wing Chun developed. It is also a hub for one of Chinese martial arts’ other famous traditions – lion dancing! And in 2020, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to learn there with CK Martial Hearts, as we introduce you to the sites and sounds of the region while allowing you to learn exactly what it means to have a lion’s heart!

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CK Martial Hearts aims to offer kung fu training opportunities at more locations very soon!


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