Starting in 2020, CK Martial Hearts is honored to be able to offer kung fu training programs at our latest location: stunning Foshan.

A city in in China’s southern Guangdong province, Foshan is perhaps best known as one of the places where Wing Chun developed. It is also a hub for one of Chinese martial arts’ other famous traditions – lion dancing! And starting in 2020, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to learn there with CK Martial Hearts, as we introduce you to the sites and sounds of the region while allowing you to learn exactly what it means to have a lion’s heart!

As of November 2018 we are currently finalising the details of our Lion Heart kung fu training program and this page will be updated soon with everything you need to know about the training course and this beautiful part of China. Please check back often for the latest information. Alternatively, contact us directly, and we’ll let you know when we begin accepting applications.



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Cost to learn kung fu at in China in 2018

Learn kung fu in China in 2018 - Contact CK Martial Hearts for more information!


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