At CK Martial Hearts, the two most common questions we are usually asked is “Where do you hold your Warrior’s Way Bootcamps?” and “Where is the Shaolin Temple”?

Hopefully these guides will help answer those questions as clearly as possible. 

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Please note that during the course of our Warrior’s way Bootcamps, as detailed on our itineraries page, we visit several places of interest, such as Bodhidharma’s Cave and Erzu Nunnery. All these locations are within the Shaolin Scenic Area, an enclosed area which contains the Shaolin Temple itself, together with Tagou Martial Art Academy and several other scenic spots, all of which are reachable on foot. For more information on these locations or the Shaolin Scenic Area in general, please Contact Us. 

Where is the Shaolin Temple - How we get to the Shaolin Temple

Located in Dengfeng, Henan Province, at the foot of the Song Shan Mountain range, the Shaolin Temple isn’t the easiest place to reach in China, but it’s definitely worth the effort to get there.

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Where is the Shaolin Temple - Wangzhigou Village

For the duration of our Shaolin bootcamps, you stay in Wangzhigou, a village just 10 minutes walk from the Shaolin Temple.

The village is small, with a handful of very basic amenities, such as small convenience stores and simple Chinese restaurants.

It is also home to numerous children’s kung fu schools, the students of which can be seen training from early morning till late at night.

Children doing kung fu in WangzhigouWangzhigou VillageKids of Shaolin

Where is the Shaolin Temple - Accommodation

While in Wangzhigou, program participants’ accommodation is in a hotel with mixed dorms and shared bathrooms.

A dorm is a room with several beds, which may be occupied by other members of our programs, or other guests staying at the hotel at that time. Dorms are equipped with TVs, kettles and air conditioning.

Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel, but there are no laundry services, so please pack with this in mind. En-suite private rooms are also available, at extra cost and depending on availability.

Please Contact Us if you would like to enquire about private room availability.

Where is the Shaolin Temple - Training Facilities

Morning warm-ups and taichi training take place in the scenic areas surrounding the Temple.

Where we train inside the Temple depends on the weather, and is either inside the main training hall, or in one of the Temple’s courtyards.

Washrooms are available, but be prepared to bring your own drinking water to training sessions.

Where is the Shaolin Temple - Shaolin Temple Training Hall Where is the Shaolin Temple - Shaolin Temple Training Facilities Where is the Shaolin Temple - Courtyard Training

Where is the Shaolin Temple - Around the Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple is inside the Shaolin Scenic Area, at the base of Song Shan Mountain. 

The scenic area is home to many sites of historical and cultural interest, and some stunning views on clear days.

Our Warrior’s Way Bootcamps include optional excursions to see some of these beautiful locations.

Where is the Shaolin Temple - Chuzu NunneryWhere is the Shaolin Temple - Wuru PeakWhere is the Shaolin Temple - Damo Statue

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