It is CK Martial Hearts’ #1 aim to enable everyone, no matter where they are from, how strong or experienced they are, or what their reasons for interest are, to be able to access, understand and benefit from exposure to and training in traditional Chinese kung fu life, culture and philosophy. It is our hope that through the programs we offer, we are able to do that, and that more and more people will start to understand the benefits that Chinese kung fu can offer.

We currently offer, or are in the process of offering, several opportunities to study kung fu in China. Read on for more information about each of the programs we offer. Hopefully you’ll be able to train with us soon!


Learn traditional martial arts at the Shaolin Temple

On our Warrior’s Way Bootcamps, CK Martial Hearts offers exclusive opportunities, not just to learn kung fu inside the Shaolin Temple with genuine Shaolin warrior monks, but to experience life and culture both inside and outside the temple walls. Suitable for novices and those with martial arts backgrounds alike, these are the perfect programs to enable you to get a taste of Chinese life and traditional kung fu training starting in Beijing and then travelling to one of the most iconic locations in China.

Learn more about our 2019 12-Day Bootcamp…

Details of our 2019 1-month Warrior’s Way Bootcamp coming shortly!


Balance your mind, body and spirit in Beijing

Real taichi combines health, self-defense and mindfulness into a practice that is the quintessential Chinese martial art. Unfortunately, most taichi teachers only teach one aspect of taichi – the health part. Most people don’t even know there is more to taichi than simply feeling more relaxed and energized. But on a CK Martial Hearts Trident Taichi program, you will get to learn these three important aspects, and get the chance the experience the true meaning of traditional Taichi.


Coming in 2020 – Develop the heart of a lion in Foshan

Anyone who grew up watching Hong Kong kung fu movies knows the fundamental connection between lion dancing and traditional Chinese martial arts. Lion dancing was traditionally taught at many kung fu schools as a way to demonstrate skill and spirit without directly showing martial arts techniques. While less commonly taught now than before, in 2020 CK Martial Hearts will proudly offer our Lion Heart training program and give students the opportunity to learn both kung fu and lion dancing in the south of China.


New in 2019 – Raise your child’s spirit and strengths

Being a warrior isn’t about how many fights you’ve had or how tough your skin is. It’s about facing all of life’s challenges head-on, staying strong in mind, body and spirit at all times and never giving up, no matter what obstacles you face. And on our Rising Warrior programs, that’s exactly what parents and children will get the opportunity to do, together. Similar to our Warrior’s Way programs, as well as learning Shaolin martial arts, this parent and children program also features more social and cultural activities, making it ideal for younger participants. 


We are constantly adding new programs and content. If you don’t see something here that fits your requirements, please get in touch!


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