Shaolin Temple Custom Kung Fu Training Programs

Does your team or office need motivating? Is your family looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Does your martial arts club want a Shaolin kung fu study program tailored exactly to their needs? Then consider bringing them to the Shaolin Temple for a Custom Program fully tailored to you, and unlock your group’s potential together!

The Shaolin Temple is a place of peace, unity and breathtaking natural beauty. But training kung fu at the Shaolin Temple is intense. It pushes your mental, physical and emotional limits. It also brings people together in ways that common weekend getaways can’t. These experiences are fully customizable, meaning we can meet your requirements in terms of activities, itinerary, numbers of people, budget and schedule, and make sure that for you and your team, this will truly be an experience like no other. Just let us know what you need, and we can put it together for you.

For those who want us to do the planning for them, our custom packages can typically include:

– travel between Beijing and Shaolin (via soft sleeper train there and express train back)
– accommodation in Wangzhigou, the ‘kung fu village’, a small rural settlement nestled at the bottom of Shaoshi Mountain and home to many Kung fu schools and students
– vegetarian lunch inside the Shaolin Temple
– a tour of the Shaolin Temple, led by a native-english guide with experience training at the temple
– a high flying and hard-hitting kung fu acrobatics display, performed at the Shaolin Martial Arts Exhibition Centre
– full days of kung fu training with a Shaolin warrior monk inside the temple, learning the foundations of Shaolin kung fu through the first few steps of the traditional Shaolin Tongbiquan form
– visit to the the evening Zen Music Show, a spectacular Buddhist music and light show
– morning Yang Style taichi or qigong class to start the day refreshed and relaxed, led by your guide
– sightseeing excursion to visit Damo Cave, Chuzu Convent and Wuru Peak, with stunning views overlooking the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Scenic Area

A typical 3-day experience would look similar to this one. Click for larger image.

You can use this itinerary as a starting point in designing your own custom program. Travel between Beijing and Shaolin, all meals, all activities and all accommodation are included in the price of the program, with large groups welcome. 

Click a tab below for more information on pricing and how to make an application, or simply contact us if you would like more information.

Please note: While CK Martial Hearts designs our courses very carefully, to allow anyone the opportunity to experience kung fu and culture at the Shaolin Temple, it would be impossible to always meet 100% of applicants expectations, 100% of the time. Therefore, in the best interests of applicants, CKMH reserves the right to vet each applicant to assess their suitability for our programs. CKMH will review each application and may require further information before confirming whether your application to join this program has been successful. 

Please also be aware that at the Shaolin Temple, discipline and respect are taken extremely seriously, and factor very deeply in how willing the warrior monks are to teach new students. While no one will force you to do anything you don’t want to do, all students are expected to give 100% effort in all activities, and accept that they will be pushed to do the best they can. If you truly wish to know what it means to train and develop kung fu, you must also continually push yourself and pay close attention to all the instructions your teachers give you. If you feel you are unwilling or unable to commit to this, CKMH respectfully suggest these training programs are not for you.

Our custom programs are fully customizable, with itineraries and prices based on your requirements.

For example, the 3-day itinerary shown above the photos, for up to 6 people, is 20000 RMB (approx. $2908/£2322), all inclusive. Please note that our custom programs are planned and priced based on a minimum of 6 participants. If fewer than that, the price will still be the same.

This example itinerary includes:

  • all transportation from Beijing to Shaolin Temple and back to Beijing (by train and minibus)
  • 2 nights accommodation during the custom program (shared private room)
  • three set meals a day for the duration of the program (Chinese food) beginning the morning you arrive in Zhengzhou
  • guided tour of the Shaolin temple
  • a days instruction in empty-hand forms (traditional Shaolin Tongbiquan) from a warrior monk inside the Shaolin Temple (4 hours in total)
  • cardio, strength, conditioning and technique application training (2 hours in total)
  • taichi and qigong classes (2 hours in total)
  • a Chinese-speaking expat guide with martial arts experience
  • sightseeing tour of the Shaolin Scenic Area
  • acrobatic kung fu show, performed at the Shaolin Martial Arts Exhibition Centre
  • evening at the Zen Music Show in Dengfeng
  • kung fu training outfits for up to 6 people
  • photos and videos taken of you during training by our team photographer

Not included in the price:

  • travel to, and accommodation in, Beijing
  • travel insurance
  • personal shopping during program (gifts, personal items, clothing etc.)

Applications for custom programs must be made at least one month in advance, and are subject to availability. Once you have made your application, we will review your details and let you know whether your application has been successful, or whether more information is needed. If accepted, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of 30% of the total booking fee. The deposit must be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice for your reservation to be confirmed.

See below for details on how to make your custom program application.

To make an application, please start by filling in the form below, with details about what kind of custom program you would like. We will then get back to you within 2 working days. 

Application Steps:

  1. Fill in all the requested information on the table below. (click the tab to open the form) Let us know your contact details, the dates you want, and what kind of itinerary you’d like.
  2. Click the box to confirm you have watched our introduction video on YouTube and have understood what and how you will be training at the Shaolin Temple. (See the video on YouKu here.)
  3. Click the box to confirm you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click ‘Submit’.
  5. Upon receipt, we will review your application and let you know what further information or clarification is required for the application to proceed.
  6. Once accepted, we will put together a quote and itinerary. If you accept, we will then send you an invoice for a 30% deposit. Once that is paid, your reservation will be confirmed.
Team Building Reservation Form
Our team building programs are designed and priced for at least 6 people. If you have fewer, the price will be the same.
Reservations must be made at least 1-month in advance.
If you are unsure, email us and we can make some recommendations to you.
Due to the highly demanding nature of these programs, together with the very limited number of places available, CK Martial Hearts reserves the right to review your request, to decide whether this program is suitable for you and your team. The more information you provide us about why you would like to join us at the Shaolin temple, the quicker we will be able to let you know if we can accept your request.
Please see video link above.

Problem with the form? Email us directly at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to take your application directly.

Once we receive your application, a review will be made, and we will let you know within 48 hours if the application has been successful, or if we require more information. If successful, we’ll email you an invoice. Your reservation will be held for 72 hours, but will be cancelled if your deposit isn’t received within that time. 

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