Save, and earn, money on a Warrior’s Way Bootcamp. **Updated for 2018!**

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In 2017, we offered a number of ways that people could earn and save money on a Shaolin Temple Warrior’s Way experience. And in 2018, that will be no different.  At CK Martial Hearts, we want as many people as possible to be part of our programs. To help with that, we have several ways that people can both save and earn money on a Shaolin Temple Warrior’s Way experience!

Read on to see how you can both save, and earn money on our 2018 programs.

**NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect our most recent price changes!**

How to Save Money

For one low price, participants on our 1 and 2-week programs get all travel between Beijing and the Shaolin Temple, all accommodation while there, all food, all training, a native-English speaking guide, and a training outfit, all for far lower than if you booked each of those things separately yourself.

But even at the low prices that CK Martial Hearts is offering these programs at, we still want to be able to help people save even more. We therefore offer the following options:

Option 1

Travelling with friends or family? We are offering a 10% discount off your total program price, when two or more people (paying the full fee for the program), make their reservations together at the same time. Offer limited to 5 people per group. Please contact us if you wish to bring more people.

Option 2

Travelling alone but still want to save on the price of your program? Simply pay the total cost in one payment when you receive your invoice, and you will receive a 5% discount off the price of your program! Just let us know when filling in the reservation form you’d like to pay in full, and we’ll apply the discount to your invoice. 

Please note: reservations made less than 1 month in advance do not qualify for the ‘100% payment’ discount.

Option 3

Are you a teacher or coach looking to bring your class to study at Shaolin? Contact Us for more information about discounts available to you for group bookings.

Only one discount per person. Discounts do not apply to private or tailor-made bookings. Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact us if you have any questions.


How to Earn Money

Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join us on our of our programs, we still have opportunities for you to be involved, by becoming one of our commission paid promoters. Here’s how it works:

  1. Email us and let us know you’d like to be a promoter for CK Martial Hearts, or simply that you know people who may want to enroll.
  2. We will send you all the text and photos via email, to help promote the programs. We will also give you a discount code, specific to you, that people can use to save 10% on their booking.
  3. You then promote the CK Martial Hearts Shaolin Temple Warrior’s Way experience however you like, to your friends, colleagues, social circles, local martial arts schools or in whatever networks you wish.
  4. When people tell you they are interested, you can then introduce them to us, typically by cc’ing us on an email you send them. Alternatively, they can contact us directly to book, using the discount code you gave them.
  5. We will then communicate all the necessary information to them, CC’ing you on all communications. Once the person you introduced signs up and pays the full amount, you can get your 10% commission on whatever amount they paid.
  6. Payments to promoters can be done via PayPal or International Wire Transfer, less the cost of transfer. Within China, we can pay you your commission via WeChat, bank deposit or cash. All commission payments will be paid immediately upon receiving final payment from the person participating.

We hope these simple opportunities make it even more compelling for more people to get involved with one of our programs. With places still available on all our programs this year, there’s still time to be involved, or to help us get other people involved.

If you’d like more information, please feel to Contact Us, or simply leave a comment below. We always love to hear from you!

Yours in martial spirit,


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