Join our Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Bootcamp in September!

With only five weeks left until our last Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Bootcamp of 2017, you don’t have much time to book your place. So read on to find out what you can expect from one of our 1 or 2-week programs, and what you need to do to sign up and get ready for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Practice makes perfect!

This September’s Bootcamp event will mark the 9th program CK Martial Hearts has held at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. On those programs over the past three years we have had the pleasure of taking 37 individuals to study kung fu and culture at the temple. In doing so, we have put together what we believe is one of the most intense, in depth and varied programs available in China today.

We have taken all the great feedback we have received over the years, and created what we think is our best program yet. In September, we will be leaving from Beijing on Saturday night, though still returning on Sunday of the following week. This allows for an extra day of training, including applications training at the Tagou Martial Arts School, something we didn’t offer last year. 

Also newly added is a visit to the Shaolin Exhibition Centre to watch a Shaolin kung fu performance, and the opportunity to volunteer at the Shaolin Temple Farm.

The dates for September 2017 are:

1-week program – Sept 9th to Sept 17th
2-week program – Sept 9th to Sept 24th

These programs are all-inclusive, starting with meeting participants in Beijing, then accompanying them down to the Shaolin Temple. While there, students will typically learn the Shaolin Tongbeiquan form in week 1, and if staying for 2 weeks, the Yinshougun stick form in week 2. These two forms are complemented by Yang style taichi in week 1 and qigong routines in week 2.

What exactly is included on our 1 and 2-week programs in September?

On all our programs, you will get the opportunity to experience a variety of kung fu cultures, including kung fu foundations, Shaolin Tongbiquan forms, Yang Style taichi, applications and body strengthening exercises specific to Chinese martial arts and the Shaolin Temple.

You will start by traveling from Beijing to Shaolin by overnight train, staying at a hostel in Wangzhigou, a small village near the temple, and walking to the temple every day to study. Your guide will also lead warm ups, additional exercises and further study, both before and after your training with the temple’s warrior monks.


Our 1-week programs are the most popular Shaolin Temple Experiences we offer. Training 7 hours every day for a week, participants will learn the traditional Tongbiquan form from Shaolin warrior monks inside the temple, whilst also learning taichi and training strength, speed, stamina, impact conditioning and applications with the guide.

The 1-week program includes;

– 1 week of daily Shaolin Tongbiquan fist form classes inside the actual Shaolin Temple, with a genuine Shaolin Warrior Monk
– 1 strike training class at Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School, China’s largest martial arts academy
– 1 week of Yang Style taichi classes
– Daily cardio, strength, conditioning and technique application training
– Guided tour of the Shaolin Temple
– Guided tour to the Pagoda Forest, Chuzu Convent, Damo Cave and Wuru Peak
– Opportunity to enjoy a Shaolin kung fu performance at the Shaolin Wushu Exhibition Centre
– Opportunity to volunteer at the Shaolin Temple Farm
– A Shaolin kung fu uniform (Feiyue shoes, kung fu pants and sleeveless t-shirt)
– All transportation between Beijing and the Shaolin Temple (train and private minibus)
– 1 week of accommodation in Wangzhigou, a rural village 10 minutes walk from the Shaolin Temple
– All meals during the length of the program (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– Full-time native-English speaking translator and guide with you for the duration of the program
– Daily photos and videos taken of you during training by our team photographer
– Certificate of participation signed by the Abbot of the temple

For those looking to really push themselves, a 2-week Shaolin Temple Experience is the perfect choice. Participants learn taichi and qigong, experience the rigors of Shaolin endurance and flexibility training, and train advanced levels of the Tongbiquan form, while also having the chance to learn the Shaolin Yinshougun stick form as well.

2-week participants get to enjoy;

– All the above, plus
– 1 week of daily Shaolin Yinshougun Stick form classes inside the actual Shaolin Temple, with a genuine Shaolin Warrior Monk
– +1 (total 2) strike training classes at Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School, China’s largest martial arts academy
– 1 week of qigong exercise routines

– Guided tour to Sanhuangzhai, one of the most stunning areas of the Songshan mountain range and part of the Songshan Geological Park
– Opportunity to enjoy a performance of the Zen Music Ritual in Dengfeng
– +1 (total 2) Shaolin kung fu uniforms (Feiyue shoes, kung fu pants and sleeveless Shaolin t-shirt)
– +1 (total 2) weeks of accommodation in Wangzhigou, a rural village 10 minutes walk from the Shaolin Temple

Please note that these are not fighting courses, with no direct combat elements. The ability to fight is one by-product of martial arts and kung fu training, and we do practice martial drills and learn applications of the the Shaolin Tongbiquan form.  But at the Shaolin Temple and on our kung fu programs, more emphasis is placed on training body strength and conditioning, spirit, speed, stamina and power, as well as correct form and technique, all of which are the essence of what it means to ‘have kung fu’. 

How much do our programs cost?

Aside from the martial aspect of training, living in the Chinese rural environment during these programs, being exposed to the daily life and culture of the Shaolin Temple, having the opportunity to learn more about Chan Buddhism and really get an inside look at what Shaolin martial arts really means, is what we, and our past participants, believe sets our programs apart.

For everything listed above, the price for the 1-week program in 2017 is 6888 RMB, approximately 1018 USD / 818 GBP. The price for the 2-week program in 2017, inclusive of all the above listed items, is 11888 RMB, approximately 1788 USD / 1418 GBP.

After an initial deposit payment of 30%, participants then have up until 1 week before the start of the program to pay the rest.

How do you apply for a place on our September Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Bootcamp?

To make a booking on any of our programs, simply visit our applications page, complete the application form and let us know which program you’d like to join. 

Once we receive your application, we will review your details and let you know whether your application has been successful, or whether more information is needed. If accepted, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of 30% of the total booking fee. The deposit must be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice for your reservation to be confirmed.

For payment, we offer several options.

1) Credit card

If you’d like to pay directly with your credit card, please Contact Us to make your application. Once we confirm your application has been successful, we will send you an invoice with a credit card payment link, through our PayPal account.

2) PayPal

If you have a PayPal account and would like to use that to pay for your booking, once we have confirmed your application, we will send you an invoice with our PayPal account link.

3) International bank transfer

For those of you who would like to pay directly, the invoice we send you after we confirm your application will also include our Hong Kong bank details, so that you can directly wire the payments.

4) Cash/WeChat

Payment is accepted via cash or WeChat for Beijing residents. If you wish to pay us this way, please specify that when you make your application.


What have other people said about our past programs?

Our programs at the Shaolin Temple are rated 5-Star on TripAdvisor. See what previous participants have said about what it’s like to experience the Shaolin Temple with us on our TripAdvisor page!

CK Martial Hearts is where it's at!

You get to learn the history of what and where you're practicing along with other sights you venture to; and you control how much you do, but expect to be pushed to your limits physically, mentally, and even emotionally. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a different kind of challenge and experience.

Mike. J, USA
Aug. 2016

CK Martial Hearts delivers and surpasses all its promises

Living and training on location was akin to stepping into a movie. The kindness and openness of the locals was heartwarming, their constant training a marvel, and access to the knowledge, spirituality, and discipline of the Warrior Monks in the Shaolin Temple, an inspiration.

Lorena. O, Spain
July 2016

It really teaches you to push yourself beyond your limits

Absolutely fantastic programme! Suitable for everyone; you can experience it at your own level of fitness and ability. I came to the programme with zero Martial Arts experience and had a wonderful though very challenging week. I can't recommend this enough!

James. M, Ireland
Sept. 2016

“Amazing experience!”

If you're looking for a physical and mental challenge, this is the place to go, regardless if you have previous experience with martial arts. I can honestly say that through the training, I know I am capable of much more than I allowed myself to believe previously.

David. B, USA
Aug. 2016

“Challenging, confronting, fun and amazing experience”

This not your normal day to day martial arts class. This is a once in a lifetime experience that will take you out of your comfort zone and push you to the limit while offering you a very rewarding challenge that’ll make you realize the limit is yourself.

Eduardo. F, USA
Oct. 2016

Thank you for creating this experience

Studying at the Shaolin Temple was to do each day what had only yesterday been impossible. To experience the achievement lying beyond fear and pain was life-changing. For those contemplating studying Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple with CK Martial Hearts: you can do this.

Jack. B, USA
Oct. 2015

Looking for a challenge, this is the place

The atmosphere of the monastery is very special, even if I could not appreciate so that at the beginning of the training.  I can say it was a great experience. I have learned a lot for me physically and mentally and can recommend it to anyone who wants to experience something special.

Michaela. V, Germany
Sept. 2015

Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Training

Most of the trainings was inside the Shaolin Temple. The Kung-fu classes were teach by a monk of the Shaolin Temple. If you want to improve or start in Kung-Fu, or you want to experience how is living in a real Kung-Fu Chinese school, this is the right place.

Gonzalo. G, Spain
July. 2015

An excellent life time experience!

I don't think you can find any company who can let you learn traditional Kung fu from the real monk and even training inside the temple itself. If you want to see how much you can push yourself and try something different, this is something you cannot miss when you visit china.

Ed. C, Hong Kong
Sept. 2015

An Amazing Experience

I knew nothing about Kung Fu and I spent an amazing morning doing Taichi with them. It felt amazing. Being trained out there is like being part of something bigger than you are. And I cannot thank enough AJ and Nic to make me discover this. This day determined that I want to pursue this quest.

Caroline. B, France
Oct. 2015

Hard to find, traditional Chinese Culture

Wow. Not only did the program give me access to an amazing and incredibly valuable experience studying the fundamentals of Chinese Gong Fu, but also to a rich cultural Chinese experience that is increasingly hard to find, especially at this place!

George. T, USA
Sept. 2015

10 Day Martial Arts "BOOT CAMP"

This course has been the single best thing that has ever happened to me. I have no past Kung Fu experience however in the 10 day course I learned so much not just about Kung Fu, I learned my body, my strengths and weaknesses, that my mind can definitely overcome my body.

Sam. G, UK
Oct. 2015

A truly transformative Experience

In any skills, one has to continue practicing for a long time in order to be capable at them, however this course gave us a really solid introduction and focus on how to keep developing our abilities. I will definitely come back to Shaolin with this program, and would recommend it to anyone.

Marc. G, USA
Sept. 2015


Signup now and save money!

For the next 7 days (until August 8th, 2017) we are offering everyone who signs up and pays their deposit, a 10% discount on the full-price of the program. That means a saving of 688 RMB ($102) off of the 1-week program, or 1188 RMB ($176) off of the 2-week program’s price.

But this offer will only last this week, and with only 5 places left available, don’t wait until the program is fully booked before confirming your place!


Where can you find more information?

Have a question or want to make a reservation? Please contact CK Martial Hearts using one of the methods below.


Message us. Already using the Chinese social media app WeChat? Add us and let us know if you have any questions or would like to apply directly.

WeChat: AJDonnelly


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Email[email protected]


Call us. We are available 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm Beijing time.

Hong Kong – +852 8191 2788

United States – +1 (818) 660-0866

United Kingdom – +44 (0238) 097 0988

Skype: Cultural-Keys

If no one is available to take your call, please leave your name, telephone number and country you’re calling from, and we’ll get back to you.


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