Shaolin Temple Experiences – Introduction

CK Martial Hearts prides itself on being able to cooperate with the genuine Shaolin Temple to provide these unique Shaolin Temple Experiences, and give people the opportunity to experience life and learn kung fu inside the actual temple walls.

By joining one of CK Martial Hearts’ programs, you will not only have the opportunity to learn kung fu, but to also experience aspects of Chinese life that even few Chinese people know about.

On our scheduled Shaolin Temple Experiences, you will start by traveling from Beijing to Shaolin by overnight train, staying at a hostel in Wangzhigou, a small village near the temple, and walking to the temple every day to study. Your guide will also lead warm ups, additional exercises and further study, both before and after your training with the temple’s warrior monks.

For people who are already in Zhengzhou, or wish to travel there directly, arrangements can be made to meet you and bring you to the Shaolin Temple.

And with our Shaolin Temple Walking Tours, led by native-English speaking guides, visitors have the opportunity to see the Shaolin Temple and learn its history and culture, in just a few hours.

Applications for places on one of our programs can be made at any time. However, please note that due to the intensely demanding spiritual, emotional and physical requirements of this program, together with the limited number of places available each year, CKMH reserves the right to vet each applicant to assess their suitability for our programs. CKMH will review each application and may require further information before confirming whether your application to join this program has been successful. Also, applications made less than 1 month in advance are subject to availability, with 100% payment required upon acceptance.

Click a photo below for more information on what we offer at the Shaolin Temple in 2017.

Program Overview

All of the Experiences we offer have the same aim; to give people access to traditional life, culture and kung fu at the Shaolin Temple, no matter what your background is, reason for being interested or how much time you have to spare. The Shaolin Temple has so much to offer, and we hope to be able share that with everyone!

2017 Dates

CK Martial Hearts has scheduled study programs at the Shaolin Temple twice a year, once in May and once in September. If you wish to bring a group of 6 or more people at a different time of the year, please contact us to discuss the details.

1-Week Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Our 1-week programs are the most popular Shaolin Temple Experiences we offer. Training 7 hours every day for a week, participants will learn the traditional Tongbiquan form from Shaolin warrior monks inside the temple, whilst also learning taichi and training strength, speed, stamina, impact conditioning and applications with their guide.

2-Week Shaolin Kung Fu Training

For those looking to really push themselves, a 2-week Shaolin Temple Experience is the perfect choice. Participants learn taichi and qigong, experience the rigors of Shaolin endurance and flexibility training, and train advanced levels of the Tongbiquan form, while also having the chance to learn the Shaolin Yinshougun stick form as well.

3-hour Shaolin Kung Fu Training Camp

3-Hour Shaolin Temple Walking Tour

There is so much history, culture and little noticed details to the Shaolin Temple, that to simply walk around it without someone to guide you is almost a waste. Fortunately, CK Martial Hearts is very honored to be able to show you the deeper side of the temple, and ensure your visit here is something you’ll never forget!

Custom Programs

Does your team or office need motivating? Is your family looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Does your martial arts club want a Shaolin kung fu study program tailored exactly to their needs? Then consider bringing them to the Shaolin Temple for a fully customizable Custom Program, and unlock your group’s potential together!

We are constantly adding new programs and content. If you don’t see something here that fits your requirements, check back regularly. We’ll be sure to add something that meets your requirements soon.


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Learn kung fu at the Shaolin Temple in 2016 - Contact CK Martial Hearts at the Shaolin Temple


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12 Responses

  1. don carlo iv
    | Reply

    i would love to experience this and learn the 7 star fist

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      Hey Don, thanks for the comment! Actually, in all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen any of the warrior monks practicing 7 Star Fist, but I guess there is a reason for that. 😉

      Our program participants study Tongbeiquan while at the Temple, and all seem to really enjoy it. Not sure if that’s a style you’re interested in, but if so, feel free to drop us an email at for more information about the programs we’ll be offering in 2016. 🙂

  2. Peter
    | Reply

    Is self-defense a factor in the training that the monks provide?

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      The teaching provided by the monks focuses on the specifics of Shaolin strength, flexibility, coordination and forms. In the supplemental classes, the guide shows application of the Shaolin techniques taught, including self-defence applications. 🙂

  3. Geoffrey Irungu Njuguna
    | Reply

    is martial art real?
    i want to join u coz it has been a dream dat my family thinks that it will never come true,plz help.
    Kenyan,18 years

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      Hi Geoffrey, thanks for your comment.

      Whether martial arts is real, depends on your definition of martial arts, and what you want to use it for. Shaolin Martial Arts train the mind, body and spirit, if you dedicate yourself to learning them for long enough. To me, that’s the definition of a martial art. Also, a fighting style that is as beautiful to watch as it is effective to use, which would also be a good way to describe Shaolin Martial Arts, IMHO.

      Hope that answers your questions.



  4. Geoffrey Irungu Njuguna
    | Reply

    do monks learn selfdefence?

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      The monks have spent their whole lives training the martial arts they now teach and demonstrate, part of which in their early lives includes sparring and applications training. The speed, power and accuracy they show with each any every move indicates that even though now they spend less time training their own applications, it would still be more than effective if need be. 🙂

  5. Geoffrey Irungu Njuguna
    | Reply

    Do monks go for competitions?

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      As a Zen Buddhist Temple, and as Zen Buddhist practitioners, the Shaolin warrior Monks don’t see the need to enter competitions. But they do tour the world every year, putting on demonstrations of their skills and techniques in displays that are always appreciated by the audiences. 🙂

  6. Freddie
    | Reply

    Can dietary restrictions be accommodated during the camp?

    • CK Martial Hearts
      | Reply

      Hi Freddie. The food provided during our kung fu programs is very basic Chinese dishes, and as such is OK for most dietary requirements. If you have specific needs, please email us at info@theshaolintemple, and we’ll be happy to see how we can accommodate you better.

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