Learn stick and fist forms at the Shaolin Temple this September!

Following on the heels of our extremely popular (and now fully booked!) 12-day Warrior’s Way program, CK Martial Hearts is very happy to open applications for our new 20-day Warrior’s Way program in September! This new bootcamp features everything our 12-day program already includes, but adds a second week to our time at the Shaolin Temple. During this second week, participants will be pushed even harder, with additional cardio and strength training, morning training featuring not just taichi but also qigong practice, as well as learning the traditional Shaolin Yinshougun stick form!

The Yinshougun form, which roughly translates as Yin Hand Staff form, is a foundational form of Shaolin. As with the Tongbiquan form, it contains all the techniques that make up the entire range of Shaolin staff. And as with Tongbiquan, while it should only take on average 5 days to learn, it requires many years of consistent practice to master.

Students considering applying for our 20-day day program should note that unlike western schools, the monks’ willingness to impart their knowledge is entirely dependent on the perceived effort exerted and willingness to learn of the student. All students are expected to give 100% both during and after their training sessions, as doing so will demonstrate that they are serious about and committed to their training, which is what the monks expect.

Applicants who feel they are unable or unwilling to show this level of dedication throughout training are advised to apply for a place on our 2020 12-day program (TBC) instead, which while still intense, is better geared to those unsure of their commitment to training.  

In order to help you acclimate yourself to Chinese life and culture, our 20-day program begins on the Wednesday night with a welcome dinner in Beijing, where you can meet both your guide and the other course participants. On Thursday we will see the Great Wall at Mutianyu, and on Thursday night and Friday you will have free time to explore the city at will, before heading to Shaolin in the evening. 

When we are at the temple, 2 afternoons and mornings have no scheduled activities. While you might wish to rest, you are also welcome to continue practicing, go shopping or explore the rest of the Shaolin Scenic Area or the town of Dengfeng, 20 minutes from the Shaolin Scenic Area. On the second Saturday evening, we will also travel into Dengfeng to enjoy the Zen Music Ritual, a beautiful performance that combines music, lights and kung fu into a truly breathtaking display.

In summary, on the Warrior’s Way 20-Day Bootcamp participants will take part in:

  • Welcome dinner in Beijing
  • Visit to the Great Wall, plus free time to explore the rest of Beijing
  • Morning taichi training
  • Morning qigong training (in week 2)
  • Shaolin cardio training
  • Intense Shaolin stretching sessions
  • Jibengong (the foundation of Shaolin martial arts) training
  • Learning the complete Shaolin Tongbiquan form
  • Learning the complete Yinshougun form
  • Training how to apply techniques learnt
  • Combat conditioning
  • Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) classes
  • Tour of the Shaolin Temple and surrounding area
  • Watching the Zen Music Ritual
  • Visit to Sanhuangzhai scenic area

Every part of training at the temple, from running up and down the length of the temple, to the stretching, the forms and the supplemental training, is designed to increase both your strength and fortitude, mentally, physically and emotionally. In the past three years, none of our participants – no matter their starting level – have failed to amaze themselves with what they could achieve by the end of the program! As long as you are willing to put everything in, dedicate yourself and simply not give up, you will achieve the same results.

The total cost of this 20-day program is 14888 RMB (approx. $2156/£1680), all inclusive.

Applications for places on this program can be made at any time. Once you have made your application, and we are satisfied with your suitability for this course, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of 20% of the total booking fee. The deposit must be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice for your reservation to accepted. Please note that a copy of the ID page of your passport is also required together with your 20% deposit to enable us to register you with the hotel and book train tickets in advance.

Applications made less than 1 month in advance will be subject to availability, and if accepted, 100% payment will be required upon receipt of invoice. 

Please note that this is a complete package tour. If you would prefer not to participate in the Beijing part of the program we are unable to offer a discount.

For more information about this great new addition to the CK Martial Hearts lineup, please see the program page. Alternatively, if you wish to apply now, head here. Please note that these programs are limited to 8 people, and places will assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you in any way we can!

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